Even Saints will Break Bad to become Covid Criminals

We all watched in awe-some of us in envy- as Walter White slowly-and happily- transitioned from law-abiding science teacher into the creator of blue sky meth and later, into a strategic criminal overlord.   In the early stages of the pandemic, each of us fell in line.  #stayhome #flattenthecurve dominated messaging in the media.  Fast forward a year and 3 months later:  even Mother Teresa has decided to break bad.  In Canada, the restrictions and painfully slow vaccination distribution has forced everyone from Catholic school teachers to nurses and even academics, to develop the required skill of lying and rule-bending in order to survive.  We’ve transitioned from Anne of Green Gables to Ceril Sneer.  Breaking bad is the new normal in Canada. …..

There is still hope that our leaders will regain credibility by refusing to pass knee-jerk reactionary legislation.  Otherwise, Canadians will exit this pandemic as hardened Covid criminals.  By fall we may fully return to our animal instincts a la society led by Jack in Lord of the Flies. 

Originally published in the Lawyers Daily May 25 2021 at How COVID rules have made Canadians into criminals | Laurelly Dale – The Lawyer’s Daily (thelawyersdaily.ca)

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