Gun Laws Do Not Deter Criminals

For every tragedy involving gun violence there begins a cycle: public fear and disgust; politicians scrambling to appear to “do something” through new and ever more restrictive gun laws; ever more resources are committed to gun control; and then, the mission accomplished, attention shifts. The Queen of Soul dies. A bridge collapses. A royal baby...

Presumption of innocence only thing between justice and lynch mob

The #MeToo movement and the fallout from a high-profile Toronto sex assault acquittal are undermining long established fair trial rights, says Dale, principal of Dale Law Professional Corporation. “People are just jumping to these conclusions and assuming that people are guilty,” Dale points to the words of 18th-century English jurist Sir William Blackstone, who said, “It...

Charged with a sex crime? Call a lawyer, say nothing to police

“The default for every human being is to defend themselves. You want to deny and  explain why that person is lying or why it’s not possible for you to have done this,” Dale tells “At that moment, it’s entirely reasonable to have that mindset but you need to take a step back and realize the severity of...

More Lawyers Needed in Political Office

There is no shame in asking legal professionals for their help at the front end in drafting these bills. Extensive consultation with lawyers is crucial. The government seems to be relying less and less on lawyers in drafting bills. This is apparent in Bills C-75 and 51. Are these recent half-baked bills the government’s way...

Bill C-75: Erasing due process one amendment at a time

The Charter rights that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father worked so hard to enshrine will be erased one amendment at a time. Due process is eliminated through four major amendments in Bill C-75. Key stakeholders such as the Criminal Lawyers’ Association were not consulted about Bill C-75. At least the Conservatives were up front about...

Why Supreme Court decision threatens Crime Stoppers program

The foundation of Crime Stoppers is built on anonymity. For a tipster, Crime Stoppers used to be a simple concept: call and you are promised anonymity. Information is given. Sometimes you get money. One’s identity would never be revealed in open court except through the rare and narrow exception when innocence is at stake. The...

Top Canadian results from 2018 London Marathon

Canadian Sarah Elliott was the first Canadian to finish the London marathon yesterday, with a time of 2:47:52, setting herself a new PB in the process. Elliott was fourth in the 18-39 age group in the hottest race in London’s history, with temperatures well over 20 C. Her training partner Laurelly Dale was second, in...

Why we need an Anti-#MeToo movement

It is not my position that for every #MeToo event held at law schools, there should be a responding Anti-#MeToo, but I am advocating for a balance. I do not recall personal attacks on students voicing dissenting opinions in class or protests being staged when I attended law school…. The reason we have a legal...

The New Face of Aboriginal sentencing

Fresh cases are necessary to modernize Gladue. One of the most impactful judgments rendered this past year was R. v. Morrisseau 2017 ONCJ 307. Anyone involved in the criminal justice system in Canada should read this case. Morrisseau was the sentencing of an Aboriginal male from the Couchiching First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. He pleaded...

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