Dale, principal of Dale Legal Firm, says a recent spate of mass shootings has put gun violence at the top of political agendas in Canada and the U.S., noting a Time magazine documentary that collates various perspectives on the issue.

“This is obviously a very heated issue, and everyone has an opinion. But because of that, it tends to be over-simplified,” she says. “All we get are cobbled together solutions where the main aim is to win votes, rather than effectively deal with gun violence. Politicizing the issue won’t get us anywhere.”  

Dale says the federal government is a key culprit in this regard, with its introduction of Bill C-71 earlier this year.

“It’s frustrating to read this kind of slapdash legislation put together just so that ministers can say they are responding to the need to ‘do something,’ when the next election comes around,” Dale says. “When you examine the bill none of the measures are going to be effective because it doesn’t target the actual causes of gun violence.”

Any workable solution to the problem of gun crime must contain two central planks: a gun buyback program and a comprehensive study of the causes of gun violence, she says.

“They would each require an enormous amount of time and resources, but I think that’s better than reactionary bills that do nothing and waste what resources we do have,” Dale says.

“It’s not going to be popular because people don’t like to get into questions about the roots of criminality that touch on biology, sociology, economics, parenting, education and genetics. But gun violence is a behaviour for criminals, and we need to determine the cause of that criminality,” Dale says.

Originally published in the Advocate Daily November 21st, 2018: https://www.advocatedaily.com/profile/laurelly-dale-politicizing-gun-violence-issue-wont-get-us-anywhere-dale.html

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