“The default for every human being is to defend themselves. You want to deny and  explain why that person is lying or why it’s not possible for you to have done this,” Dale tells AdvocateDaily.com.

“At that moment, it’s entirely reasonable to have that mindset but you need to take a step back and realize the severity of what you’re facing and get legal advice.”

I see false accusations all the time, for various reasons, and those who make them are going to do the most damage to the #MeToo movement,” she says.

“The power of an accusation with respect to sexual assault is more profound than any other crime in the Criminal Code,” Dale argues. “You just can’t say someone murdered whomever and have them automatically arrested for homicide. There has to be some sort of corroborating evidence and there has to be an investigation.”

“Then you need to look at the other things to consider,” she says. “Are you in a position of trust with children that may be impacted because of these charges? Are you a teacher? Do you work for the federal government? Do you have any obligations to your employer?”

Interview published in the Advocate’s Daily  https://www.advocatedaily.com/profile/laurelly-dale-charged-with-a-sex-crime-call-a-lawyer-say-nothing-to-police.html

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